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An Intranet business messenger presented at Linkedin product page can be a Godsend for support teams that find themselves buried with phone calls and voicemails. If employees know how to use the messaging app to contact support, most companies will see a decline in voice mail and call queue wait times. This is especially true when employees start getting faster support when they use a corporate chat app. 

Once your company is in this mode there are lots of ways to cut support times way down. For example: 

Ask for a screenshot
Have employees send a screenshot of the problem. Many errors can simply be fixed by clicking “OK” but employees are reasonably concerned. LAN messenger has a built-in screenshot tool that makes providing this as easy as a click. Pictures are already optimized, so you don’t have to worry about those 2MB bitmaps (BMP) files clogging up your servers. 

Keep a list of solutions
Many problems occur and re-occur. Why re-type everything? Keep a database or list of common solutions. When you get the question, just copy and paste the solution right into the chat window. Just remember to have them tell you if the solution did or did not work so you can log your efforts. 

Tell ‘em to wait!
Some problems are simply more urgent than others. If an email server is down and you get a wall of instant messages, don’t be afraid to tell people to wait. Just be professional and provide them with accurate, relevant information.

Use screen sharing
When all else fails, reach for the LAN messenger image sharing feature, just put them in the clipboard. This will allow you to immediately see the problem and work through a solution. All the while you can coach and teach the employee. 

Getting employees to reach for the local instant messenger can be tricky, but well worth the effort. In larger firms, the support call queue can quickly become clogged. These tips will help your support staff save some time and keep employees productive.