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Many small businesses shrug off tools that provide extra internet security because of the costs and complexities of the issues. Instant messenger security is no different. Many small businesses trying to reach LAN instant messenger developers just to save time and money, check this thread at Twitter messaging app. But here are a few reasons why that decision could be costing you more than you think:

1. Monitoring activity
Internet instant messengers give you no way to see what your employees are doing with their chat time. In fact, for all you know, employees are chatting with family and friends. Short of walking up behind them, you can’t really tell.

LAN messenger offers full-featured tracking of conversations. Imagine how much productivity you can get back if you find your employees are actually chatting with family and friends. Would this recover the few dollars per month that instant messenger security would provide? 

2. Controlling members
This somewhat relates to the first monitoring activity point: by controlling who your employees talk to you can reduce time-wasting and many other security threats. In businesses with 5-50 employees, allowing access to the full network may not be a big deal. But if you have more than 50 employees, you may want to use LAN messenger administrative settings features to limit user access to special features of a chat application. 

3. Anti-virus protection
One of the most important points at which companies of all sizes should be scanning files for viruses is when those files are transferred from one computer to another over the corporate network. This is often done via email, but more and more this is occurring over Internet instant messenger as well. 

LAN messenger sends only local files when they are sent over the network, and that is part is important in the product – no external files with viruses can be transferred to.

LAN messenger security is of vital importance to businesses of all sizes. The small costs of integrating local chat apps compared to the productivity increases, the control achieved, and the virus protection often far outweighs the cost of a free, Internet instant messenger.